Jelly Roll's Memorable Encounter with Garth Brooks and Unforgettable American Idol Finale

Jelly Roll had an exciting encounter with country legend Garth Brooks at the ACM Awards.

He accidentally picked up Garth Brooks in his excitement, and the moment went viral.

Jelly Roll attended Brooks' Plus ONE residency in Las Vegas and called it the "best show ever."

He described Garth Brooks as the sweetest guy and a significant influence on his life.

Jelly Roll performed at the American Idol finale with Lainey Wilson and Oliver Steele.

He expressed his nervousness singing next to Lainey Wilson, praising her vocal talent.

Iam Tongi was named the winner of American Idol season 21.

Jelly Roll found it difficult to watch contestants being eliminated but believes they will find success.

He encouraged the non-winners to expect their phones to start ringing and make money from music.

Jelly Roll advised performers to enjoy the experience, be present, and savor every moment of their journey.