7 Best shoulder exercises

This exercise targets all three heads of the shoulder muscles and is considered a compound movement that builds strength and size in the shoulders.

Overhead Press

Similar to the overhead press, the Arnold press targets all three heads of the shoulder muscles but adds rotation movement, which helps to target the front and side delts.

Arnold Press

This isolation exercise targets the middle deltoid muscles and helps to increase shoulder width and definition.

Lateral Raises

This isolation exercise targets the rear deltoids, often neglected in other shoulder exercises. Strengthening the rear delts can help improve posture and reduce the risk of shoulder injuries.

Rear Delt Flyes

This exercise targets the rear delts and upper back muscles, which can help improve shoulder stability and posture.

Face Pulls

While push-ups are primarily a chest exercise, they also engage the shoulders and can help to strengthen the front deltoids.


This exercise targets the front and middle deltoids and the trapezius muscles. However, performing this exercise with proper form is essential to avoid shoulder impingement.

Upright Rows

7 Exercises That Work Best